Door Operation

How does the Pullet-Shut door protect my chickens from predators?

The Pullet-Shut automatic chicken door is designed to be mounted on the outside of the coop and to open to the outside. Since, most predators will try to push the door open, they will be pushing not only against the door frame, but also they will be also pushing against the coop itself.

A predator can't breach the door that way.

Should a predator try to pry open the door instead of pushing open the door, the clearance between the door frame and the edge of the door is held to a tight tolerance so that a raccoon cannot get its fingers between the door and the frame and wrap around the back of the door.

The door panel is designed smooth with rounded edges, an inward folded lip, and fits flush against the frame making it impossible for a predator like a raccoon to pry it open.

Additionally, the door has an approx. 3000:1 gear ratio which means that a predator would have to overcome the gears in order to open the door.

How does the Pullet-Shut door operate?

The Pullet-Shut is a programmable door, which means you can program a specific open and a specific close time. Whenever you wish to change the time you would reprogram your door. We also offer a photo sensor option should you wish to have the sun open and close the door rather than you programming the door. Since the photo sensor is an option you can always change back to programming mode.

What is the second chance?

The second chance is a safety feature to let in any chickens that didn’t go in before the door closing. When the door closes, about 90 seconds later, it will open again to let in any stragglers, and then close.

Will the second chance feature work in photo mode?

Yes, the photo mode still has the second chance feature.

How do I install the Pullet-Shut door?

See Installation Video and Instructions – Installation

May I install the Pullet-Shut Door where it opens to the inside of the coop?

The door may be susceptible to predators, if installed to open inward. See FAQ on Predators.

May I install the Pullet-Shut Door other than right-side up?

The door will not operate properly, if installed any other way than right-side up. The control box must remain on top.

May I install the Pullet-Shut Door on a mobile coop?

Yes, the Pullet-Shut door works well on mobile coops.

How is the Pullet-Shut door powered?

You need to provide a 12 volt dc power source (battery) to power your door. Some of our customers elect to provide their own 12 volt battery while many choose to order one of our charging systems.

What are your charging systems?

We offer a choice of two charging systems: the solar panel with battery and the trickle charger with battery. Both of our charging systems are "plug and play" - everything uses the same plugs, so you don't need to purchase or modify anything.

If you do not have house power to your coop or prefer to use the sun to keep your battery charged, you would choose the solar panel/ battery charging system. You would need to make sure that you have about 2 hours of direct sunlight on your solar panel per day on average (approx. 60 hours over a 30 day period) in order to keep the battery charged.

If you do have house power to your coop (and don’t want the solar option), you would choose the trickle charger/ battery charging system. The trickle charger is designed to remain hooked up to your battery (which you would have connected to the door) and plugged into a wall outlet. The trickle charger "trickles" electricity into the battery as needed to keep the battery charged.

How long does the battery last without the charger?

The battery will last 30 days without the charger. However, we don’t recommend draining your battery because it does shorten the life of the battery.

What is the expected life of the battery?

The battery will last typically between 2 and 5 years (usually toward the longer range) depending on weather conditions.

How do I connect the door wires and the solar panel or trickle charger wires to the battery?

See Instructions – Installation and Figure 1.

What do the battery indicator lights mean?

See Instructions – Battery Status Lights

How much light does the solar panel need to keep the battery charged?

The solar panel needs on average two hours per day of direct sunlight to keep the battery charged. For example, over a 30 day period, the solar panel would require 60 hours of direct sunlight.

Can I order extra wire with the solar panel?

Yes, the solar panel comes standard with 10 feet of wire, but you may order a solar panel with lengths of 25, 50, or 100 feet of wire. Note: Starting at the door there is 8 feet of wire you use to connect to the battery. You then connect the solar panel wire to the battery.

How does the photo sensor option work?

The photo sensor option will have the sun open and close your door rather than you programming the door. When you order the door with the photo sensor option, it comes installed in the circuit and the door automatically defaults to photo sensor mode. In the photo sensor mode, the door opens when the sun comes up in the morning and closes after it gets dark at night. It is not a dawn to dusk photo sensor, but rather a dawn to dark sensor so that if it is a rainy or very cloudy day, the door won't close and leave your chickens stranded. Since the photo sensor is an option, you can always revert to programming mode by resetting your door.

The photo sensor is programmed to wait several minutes after it senses darkness to close and several minutes after it senses light to open. After this time, the sensor will read if it is still dark or still light and act accordingly. For example, if a flashlight were to shine on the sensor for several minutes, your sensor would immediately read the light source, but would not send the signal to open the door until several minutes had passed. After several minutes, if the light was still shining on the sensor, then the door would open. If, however, the light was turned off during that time period, the door would just remain closed.

If I buy the photo sensor option, will I still be able to program?

Yes, you may revert back to programming mode whenever you wish.

If I close the door with the magnet during the day, will it change my photo sensor settings?

No, the next morning your door will resume the program or open with the photo sensor depending on what mode your door is in. During the day, you may open and close your door with the magnet as many times as you wish.

Will lights at night near the chicken coop interfere with the photo sensor?

Yes, we recommend that you keep an eye on the closing time for the first week to make sure that no stray light affects the door operation.

What oil do I use for the bottom pivot pin?

Any motor oil or 3-in-1 oil will do. Do not use WD-40. We recommend oiling your bottom pivot pin every 6 months.

How do I go from the photo mode to the programming mode?

Start with Step 1 in the Instructions – Resetting the Door.

How do I go from the programming mode to the photo mode?

Follow the steps in the Instructions – Resetting the Door.

Does bad weather affect the Pullet-Shut door?

No, as far as rain, snow, ice, and cold, are concerned, the Pullet-Shut automatic chicken door is designed to be mounted on the outside of your coop. There is a temperature sensor in the circuit that will give more electricity to the motor to open the door when the temperature is cold. However, our door is not a snow plow or an ice breaker.

People seem to accommodate the door based upon their environment. For example, people who live in a flood area build their houses on stilts and their chicken coops as well. Our customers who live in areas that get a lot of snow, ice, or rain put an awning or roof over their house door and do the same for their chicken coops.

Will the wind keep my Pullet-shut door from opening or closing?

No, the wind does not affect the door. However, if you live in area that has damaging winds (classified by NOAA as 50-60 mph), we recommend building a small stop wall or windbreak for your door.

If my chickens decide to sit on the door, will they harm the door?

No, the Pullet-Shut door automatic chicken door is very well built and chickens roosting will not bother it.

Do you have a warranty?

Yes, we have a one year limited warranty.

Can I order replacement parts for my door?

Yes, we stock all the replacement parts for the door. The Pullet-Shut automatic chicken door is designed for easy replacement of parts, so that you can enjoy years of use.

Door Construction

What is the Pullet-shut door made of?

The Pullet-Shut door is constructed with a structural anodized aluminum frame, solid painted aluminum door panel, nickel plated brass pivot pin, brass motor connector, and stainless steel hardware.

What are the opening or cutout size and overall dimensions of the standard Pullet-Shut door?

The opening or cutout size is 11” w x 15” h.
The overall dimensions (including the control box) are 14-3/8”w x 22-5/8”h.

What are the opening or cutout size and overall dimensions of the small Pullet-Shut door?

The opening is 9-1/4”w x 10-1/2”h.
The overall dimensions (including the control box) are 12-1/4”w x 17-3/4”h.

What is the opening or cutout size and overall dimensions of the Pullet-Shut Turkey door?

The opening is 15-3/8”w x 20-1/2”h.
The overall dimensions (including the control box) are 18-1/8”w x 27-3/4”h.

Ordering/ Shipping

What is the best way to order?

You may order online at chickendoors.com/store or by phone by calling (512) 995-0058.

How soon can I get my Pullet-Shut door?

Our doors are in stock and we ship Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. As long as you get your order in by 12:00 pm CST, your door will ship that day.

Do you ship outside of the United States?

Yes. If the shipping cost from your country is not available upon checkout, please send an email to sales@chickendoors.com or call (512) 995-0058 to request a quote.

About Us

How long have you been in business?

We have been manufacturing Pullet-Shut automatic chicken doors since 2010. Our products are shipped nationally and internationally.