Recommendation by Rob Ludlow

As the co-author of “Chickens for Dummies” and owner of, the largest and fasted growing community of chicken enthusiasts in the world with over 50,000 members, I have come across many products for every aspect of raising backyard chickens. One of the most interesting products I’ve looked at extensively is the automatic chicken door. I’ve seen a plethora of different designs and even had my hand at a homemade model for my own use. Unfortunately many of the designs (including my own) had issues that needed to be addressed. When I happened upon the Pullet-Shut Automatic Chicken Door I was very interested in their approach.

In a word, WOW. It lived up to, and exceeded my expectations. From my experience, this is the best door on the market and has some very exciting features that really make it unique: Start with the frame. The frame of the door is made from solid 7/8” aluminum. Almost all the other models I’ve seen use wood that tends to warp or bendable weak hollow aluminum or rusting steel. This frame holds the door square and true no matter where or how you mount it. Next is the door. It is aluminum clad and won’t warp, bind, rot, rust, or fail due to UV rays. And the door has plastic edging, to prevent injury to a chicken’s leg or neck. Also, many of the doors on the market use a string to pull the door up & let it down… not very critter proof (especially when you factor in how crafty and strong predators like raccoons are). This door is directly driven by a strong motor and the spaces between the door and frame are so tight that a predator would have a hard time getting any claws into the door let alone pulling it open.

Being a bit of a geek I was especially impressed with the electronics driving the door. Most of the doors I’ve seen have awkward systems to control the open and close positions, clumsy lamp timers for setting the open/close times, and a slew of other issues that are cleanly resolved and integrated into this super simple design. It took me about 10 minutes to install the door and about 15 seconds to set the open/close times! The door has the flexibility of running from main power or it can run on a 12 volt battery with a solar panel so no worries about running power out to the coop or dealing with power outages. The electronics are simple, intuitive yet very sophisticated.

If you are looking for an automatic door for your chickens, you definitely need to check out the Pullet-Shut door at

Rob Ludlow
Owner -

Customers' Reviews

Hello Mark, Tony, Mark's wife Elizabeth, Robert, JoBeth, Billy, Jack, Motorcycle Mark, and to anyone else working for your company that I may have missed;

Thank you for such an amazing product!!!!!!!!

I am a 37 year old woman (As of 2023), IT Professional/computer nerd, who until recently was not handy. Life being what it is, has forced me to learn a lot of lessons and skills I would not have thought I needed. I say that with patience, appreciation and wonder. All of that is to say, most people call me a princess. Not the type to be raising chickens and getting dirty in a garden.

I ordered my Small Right Pullet-Shut Door, Photo Sensor, and AC Power Adapter on Sunday, I received it last night (Thursday). Talk about quick order packing! You definitely have kept up with Amazon's shipping speed.

Right before UPS dropped off my new pullet door, my neighbor stopped over to drink a beer with me, and tell me about her day. While she was talking to me, the door arrived and I got busy multitasking and added the Pullet door to the chicken coop. I know we talk a lot (my email isn't a short one), and we took plenty of beer breaks, because it was quite hot for us here in Minnesota, but I started working on the door around 6:00 PM and by dark which is right around 8:00 PM I had the wooden wall cut out, door installed, chicken coop and run put back together, and happy (more importantly safe and protected) chickens.

The first thing I noticed about your door was how amazing the quality was. I hoped after paying for the pricier option (your door) vs. a cheap $75.00 option on Amazon it'd be worth it. The most influential factor that convinced me to purchase your door vs. the others, were the testimonials (on your website and others: Reddit blogs,, and Google searches) of the cold weather experience other people had with and without your door, and the lack of any cold weather testing in ANY other product. When I say cold weather I mean, sub-zero. I live in Minnesota, and our winters can be brutal. I will email you all in January or February when I've had a chance to test the door well in the cold winter weather, to provide an update of how it goes including the sub-zero temps it works in.

I installed the door so it opens into the coop. I figured this will protect it best from the elements, plus see the above note about being a princess and not that handy... I was afraid the way I have my coop and run set up, that the door would somehow not really line up or work well if I tried to have it open on the outdoor side to the run. The indoor installation appears to work flawlessly. The chickens apparently figured out the door, and were out in their run happily playing when I got up this morning, well after sunrise.

I can not thank you all enough for such a quality product, that gives me a piece of mind that my chickens are automatically let in and out of their coop, so I don't have to wake up at dawn (or feel guilty when I don't) or rush home at dark to get them inside.

When we move in a few short years, I plan to expand my flock, in addition to more animals. Your company will be at the top of the list for upgrades and additions.

I sincerely appreciate your hard work, craftsmanship, dedication to quality, and overall your people!

Thank you so much!!!

I purchased my Standard Pullet Door with solar panel and photo sensor chicken door back in 2017. I live in Rhode Island, close to the ocean and to say we have crazy weather here is an understatement. This door itself is heavy gauge aluminum. Six years later not a spec of rust on it. Certainly not cheap plastic of many competitors. Every part on the door is quality, stainless steel hinge pins and all. It provides us a lot of comfort knowing that nothing will be able to get through it and access the coop. It has never failed us. It has survived heat over 95 degrees, cold 5 degrees below zero and salt from the ocean nearby. The most impressive fact about this company is 6 years later I called for support  and Mark, one of the owners, answered the phone personally, was as nice as someone could be and walked me through my issue which was likely the $15 photo sensor. I cannot thank you enough for everything and thank you for having the best chicken door on the market.

Kindest Regards,

Lisa T

(note, the hinge is nickel plated brass, but it looks like stainless steel)

Thank you! Thank you for making such a reliable door. I have a chicken coop and a Goose/Duck coop. I bought the Turkey door for my water fowl coop and I just can't appreciate it anymore then I do. I also have an aluminum door (not from you guys) on my chicken coop. It's one of the doors that slides and I sure wish I would have found you guys before I installed that unreliable thing.  I definitely plan on upgrading that door to one of yours.

I love the Turkey Door for its size, user friendly operating and its reliability.  The door was very easy to install and I appreciated the videos you had on your site for installation. It took me about 30 minutes (this is including the cut out) to install by myself.  The design is well thought out. This door opens outward compared to my other one that slides  so it doesn't get stuck on bedding that has gotten in the door frame.  The security of this door is also an upgrade compared to the thinner chicken coop door I bought on Amazon.

This was the only automatic door with a solar power option I could find out there large enough for my Geese babies. My geese love not having to bend down coming out of their coop. They send a big thank you as well!

Thank you for all the work you've put into making raising backyard fowl easier and a bit more secure.


(this is word-for-word quoted from a customer email other than one "*")

I bought a right-opening chicken door from you folks eleven years ago.


After an incident about five years ago where a bear tore into the actual  coop and ate all of our little pals and left us only feathers (I have to add, the bear tried to claw at the door but found it easter to tear away heavy wood trim and siding- a testimonial in itself to the strength of the door), we retired from having more girls.

Well, Mrs. Egg Beater (the Boss around here) decided it was time to get back on the "chicken-horse".  Weather and mud and tree and plant material had formed up over the coop and I had neglected every part of it...partly because I was lamenting over the loss of the flock.  Partly because I was (am) lazy.

But, duty called.

With all the muck and the junk out there, I expected a whole lot of work. I used my limited carpenter skills to reinforce the coop and was about to order another door.... when I decided to sort out the wreckage.

I checked the power and sensor lines to the door.  Looked okay... "Check".  Rebuilt the part of the coop that needed to support the door's frame.  "Check".  "What the Heck?"  Cleaned the mud and grime and unmentionable chicken residue off of the door, "Check".  Cleaned up nicely.  "What the Heck (again)?" Oiled the contact points of the door, grabbed a magnet for any potential that if the door would operate at all, I'd try programming, connected a 12v extra battery I keep charged up for our gate.

I'll be d*mned.  The door works the same way it did as if it were brand new. As I use the sensor, I didn't even have to do ANY programming.  It went right back to the operation it had in the "pre-bear" days.

I've ordered from you a battery and trickle charger and new sensor just in case anything needs to be freshened up.  But I'm sure it won't.

The door's been operating now for three days while the little chicks are getting ready to go outside in a few weeks.

But, thanks to the quality of your door, they'll have their new home as sweet as their recent ancestors did (R.I.P.).

After eleven years.... and five of those in the pile of unattended coop-parts. And we'll have good eggs again.

Bill K

I hope you get a chuckle out of an email exchange this week.


Looking to buy another Turkey door.  I have had one from you guys for 5-6 years now and it has and still is performing flawlessly!  I am now building a different coop for a different flock.  I can not remember what the extra magnets are for and if I need to get them or not.

Our reply:

You only need 1 magnet (comes with the door), it is used to open/close the door at any time, or to program time-based settings for the door.  Extra magnets are useful for 2 types of people.  1) Forgetful, can’t remember where it is!  2) Grandparents (plenty strong, great for games with grandkids).  I qualify for #1.  Not sure if either is necessary for you…

Customer's response:

HA, greatest customer service response ever.  I qualify as neither of the 2 options.  Just placed my order for my second turkey door.  Love yall's product and tell folks when I am able about you guys.


(edit, the ps gave us a chuckle!  BTW, you do save a little with shipping, but we do not off discounts)

Good day;
Well,the Turkey door is working so great have a couple questions.
1-how long are the cables for the lights.
2-is the battery the same size as the one that came with the door?

George T
Ps, if I could get a deal on two chicken doors I would get rid of the chicken guard doors

We have a rescue ranch, and we received some turkeys.   I’ve installed many of a chicken doors. 

This Turkey door took me about 10 minutes to install, not including the cut out.

Wish I would have found them when I was doing my chicken doors.  If one fail’s, I know where I will be getting a replacement from.

George T

I just wanted to let you know what a great door you make.

We have backyard chickens and my wife had me divide the coup when she got second flock of chickens. We have two automatic doors that are about 7 and 8 years now.

They work flawlessly, with all original components.

I just recommended it to my Doctor. He is having trouble with fox.

Steve M


I just wanted to thank you folks for a great product. I have been using your chicken door for two years now and it has worked flawlessly. Your design, user manual and product support are top notch. The only reason I bought your product was because someone else recommended it to me. I’m very happy I did…

Keep doing what you’re doing!


Thank you for creating a fantastic product.  We ordered the standard pullet-shut door with the light sensor and solar panel.  The item was shipped and arrived within 5 days.  Installation was quick and straightforward.  Best of all-the hens love it.  It has worked without fail through below freezing temperatures and six inches of snow.  The door is sturdy with no issues in 30 MPH wind gusts.  I love the safety of the door-no worry about any hen getting stuck or injured by the door or predator being able to open it.  Great design and reliability!

Thank you so much,

Amy S


I purchased my chicken door back in 2015. I live in Massachusetts and have extreme weather up here to say the least. This door never failed us. It has survived heat over 100 degrees, cold 15 degrees below zero and has worked in 3 feet of snow. The most impressive fact about this company is 7 years later I called for support and one of the owners (the guy on the video) answered the phone personally and walked me through my issue (which was the battery that lasted more then twice as long as expected). I already recommend this door to my brother and will continue to recommend this chicken door to all. If you divide the cost of the door by the two times a day for over 7 years this door has opened and closed protecting my girls it equals pennies for the convenience this product provides to any chicken owner. Thank you guys for everything and thank you for having the best chicken door on the market.

Scott W.

I am writing to thank you for making such a good product. I've had my chicken door for 12 years this month, and it's still going strong. It's never let me down. We've had -5 days in the winter, and 105 in the summer. Always opens and closes when expected. And I haven't cared for it once. No cleaning or oiling. It's built like a tank!  Oh, and my original battery just went. 12 year is quite a run!

Jeff C

Feb 22

We have purchased 5 of these doors and use them for our Turkeys, ducks, chickens, and guineas.  We even have portable chicken coops with them that follow the cows through the pastures in the summer and we don’t have to go down and close them up at night.   We can go any time of the day we want to get the eggs and the birds are always safe.  After owning a couple other brands of auto closing doors, and struggling to keep them working, I tried Pullet-shut and we have been trouble free for 2 years.

Mark K

Nov 21

(entertaining series from a customer)

Before the coop, we kept 4 chickens in a dog box… every night I would bring the chickens box into the porch to keep them safe, next morning I would take them back into a makeshift yard but watching all day for hawks as there was no roof.

(Dec 24, 2020)

Finished the coop and maximum security yard.  Received 4 black giant hens from a neighbor for $60, also received a guinea bird for free (not really, I gave Jerry a case of Bush Beer).

Placed the 4 Novogen and 4 black giant hens in the yard.  Christmas Eve they proudly entered the coop via the Nopec Way.  We drank champagne and anxiously waited for the Pullet-Shut to… well close, open then close again for the night… Hurraaaayeeeee!!  It worked!!!  But… will it open the next morning?

(Christmas Day)

Nearly froze… waiting for the Nopec Way to prove worthy of $215… by letting the chickens out as promised… at dawn… Aha!  There it goes!!!  It works… all right!!!

Let’s celebrate… so we drank more slivovitz to keep warm… it was 31 degrees Fahrenheit… then killed the guinea bird, skinned it… Susan cooked the guinea for Christmas Dinner.  We drank wine and champagne in honor for Mark and Tony who had made it possible to regain our freedom from chicken drudgery… Thank you for helping us!

(I hope you enjoy this email from a customer, with all the challenges, we all could use a laugh... have a very Blessed Christmas this year)

We had chickens 20-years ago when my boys were young and did all the chores. Back then we had a sad coop made from a large wooden create. Last year my wife and I decided to get chickens again and built a really nice coop as our stay-at-home COVID project. And we got your door. My now grown sons are mad at me for not having to get up early in the morning to let the chickens out. One of them said, “That’s typical, there’s always plenty of money to spend when management is forced to do the work.”


Just purchased my second solar light for my “specialty hens’ (Black Copper Maran crossed with Barred Rock = LOTS of dark brown eggs!).  Now have 4 coops equipped with your automatic doors, including two summer meat bird coops and two winterized coops to keep the hens laying year round … before they end up in the soup pot).  Your products continue to withstand the test of time and increasingly messy Maine winters (no just snow anymore … more and more rain, sleet and snow.  With awnings over the doors, they perform well even with the frozen rain and sleet!

Thanks for your design and attention to solid, long lasting materials!!!

Jon E, Maine, Nov 2020, Four coops & counting

I have to tell you I am so GRATEFUL for your product.  I used to feel chained to the house to make sure the chickens got out in the morning and in at night.  It has operated flawlessly.

I no longer have to race home from eating out to close the coop!  I bought it nearly 4 years ago and it’s still working great.

There were only 2 times the door did not open in the morning.  One was because a raccoon had been climbing all over the coop and somehow pulled the wires out of the rechargeable battery.  The other time was because I got the “light sensor” tangled up under the tarp/roof so it couldn’t sense the light.  But both times, things were easily fixed.

It has made having chickens a real joy.  Just thought I’d tell you guys a huge thank you for designing and making this.

Deborah B Oct 2020, Four years, no more chain

I just wanted to follow up on this purchase that I made back in 2016.

The chicken door has worked flawlessly since the installation.

I haven’t changed any of the default settings.  Once in a while a chicken will be trapped outside (always the same one) and the door reopening time isn’t quite long enough for the chicken to react.

But it has been a great addition, and 31 of my 32 chickens approve of it.   Although they refuse to put that in writing, LOL.


Terry  (May 2019)

I just ordered a 2nd Pullet-shut chicken door for one of my mobile “Chick-saw” style coops. The first door was ordered this winter and installed on a lightweight mobile coop that I use for my laying hens. I couldn’t be happier! I live in Central Maryland and we get a huge variety of conditions from occasional sub-zero temperatures, to sleet and freezing rain. The door has served us well all winter long. I was at an “Annie’s Project” meeting talking to some other poultry keepers a few weeks ago. The topic of automatic doors had come up and we had recently had freezing rain followed by single-digit temperatures. The other farmers automatic doors (not Pullet-shuts) had failed and they had to go out and both chip ice away and manually reset their doors. My Pullet-shut door sailed through without a hitch.

Thank you for making such a reliable product. I’m excited to outfit all of my coops with your automatic doors now that I know how seamlessly and reliably they work.


A BIG HOWDY to the Chicken Door Specialists,
My name is Karen. I recently suffered a predation problem which has been hard to solve. Weasels can pretty much squeeze thru any fence…you can take that to the bank! So talking to my other chicken friends someone suggested an automated chicken door. I looked at several sites and decided to purchased your product after looking your website over. I normally don’t do this sort of thing, being an old lady and not into social networks, but I am so impressed that I decided to let you folks know that you have “hit the bullseye” with your chicken doors. I got the med. solar/battery pullet door. I’m sending you a picture and hope you can view it. I am 69 years young, single and live alone in rural Oregon. Just me, my cats and my chickens. I installed this door ALL BY MYSELF!! That’s how easy your product is it use. Really!!! I mean you just cut the door hole, screw it in, plug in the solar panel and the battery wires and you’re up and running! Now I can just sit back, relax with a nice glass of Oregon Pinot Gris and watch that door open and close all by itself. Thank you for making my life easier and my chickens safer. I am certainly going to recommend your products.

Karen and her girls

I just wanted to take the time to say "Thank You" for building these doors and making them available to the public. I've been raising chickens for about 7 years now and we invested the money in your automatic door from the start. I can not say enough positive things about it to do it justice. It has worked flawlessly since day one and when I was having problems with it and contacted you, you advised me to oil the pin(which I had never done in years) and it resolved the issue. Your customer service has been wonderful and responsive each time I've contacted you with questions. We finally replaced the battery on the original door and just updated the solar panel. It has worked so well for us that when we expanded our flock to a second coop we ordered a second door for the new coop. It's the little things in life that make the most impact and your automatic chick door has been such a blessing on many late nights and kept our flock safe and allowed me to sleep easier knowing my girls were all safe. Thank You and keep up the great work!
MaryAnn from CT

I just wanted to send an updated testimonial for the Pullet Shut chicken door. We've had ours for 6 years, now. It is still working fine with the original photocell! We've had to replace the battery a couple of times over the years, but we live in MN where the below-zero winter temps eat batteries for lunch 😉

All the mechanics still function and "the girls" line up at the door in the morning when they know it's going to open. I've recommended the product to several friends and wanted to send you a shout-out!

Thanks for a superior product!!

CHERYL in MN, April 2018

The Pulletshut automatic chicken door has been the best investment in chicken supplies I've purchased thus far!! In two years of operation I've had no issues and the door has performed flawlessly. Thank you guys for developing a product that truly works!!!

WES IN MICHIGAN, January 2018

LOVE these doors.  I ordered one 2 years ago for the chicken house.  (I got lucky as this is my first experience with chickens).  I just ordered another for access from the coop to the yard.  So EASY to install and program.  Thanks

Roxann, February 2017

Hello, I've had your chicken door for four years now, and it's really been doing the job well for my flock of chickens and ducks. I've had no issues with it, other than a dead battery this year, and the occasional frozen poop chunk that stops the door from closing (it can get cold in Michigan!). Other than that, it's been a dream. I do protect the door from rain and ice and snow, though, which could hamper the door movement. It’s a door, not a snow shovel!

Joe in Milan Michigan, February 2017

Good morning,
It took me some time to get the programming set, but now that I have it done, I love this door! I am so happy to have this automatic door. Thank you.

Dale W, November 2016

Just wanted to send you a quick note saying how much we're loving the chicken door! Thank you for such an awesome product!

Jolene, November 2016

Hi. I have your solar powered door on my coop and it works brilliantly. a true life saver for both me and my birds!

Patricia, October 2016

We bought our door from your @ 2 years ago and it's still working great! I am writing to see if I can put a link to your site in mine to send some more people your way. and your link would be on our chickens page., April 2016

Hi, there! I just wanted to write to tell you that I absolutely love the Pullet Shut Chicken Door! I just purchased the door with the solar power and photo sensor a few weeks ago, and it is really quite excellent. My fiancé was impressed by the quality and craftsmanship, and it was extremely easy to install.
I just wanted to thank you for making my life so much easier, and that we really believe that it's more than worth the money. I sleep better at night, and we are able to leave the hens feeling confident that they will be safe and sound when we return. We took a short overnight trip a few weeks after installing the door, and it worked out beautifully! We don't take long trips, but we take a lot of weekend short trips, and it is so much easier to plan for when we don't have to have a friend or neighbor come over twice a day, just to let the girls in and out. It's fabulous, and the chickies love it, too!
Thanks again.

Kim L, March 2016

I called yesterday for support and the man on the phone was patient and helpful.
It has been more than a year of daily operation and I am so glad I have this auto open/close system! The directions, installation, shipping and support have all been top-notch.

James B, March 2016

The door is installed and is GREAT! Chicks like it and I love it.

Rick, February 2016

First let me say, we think your chicken door is amazing. We have even given one to a friend as a gift.

Erik, January 2016

We purchased two chicken coop doors several months ago, and it is one of the most fantastic products I have ever seen, in terms of making life easier for us and performing exactly as promised. Thank you!

Tim L., August 2015

Just wanted to let you know that I love love LOVE my Pullet Shut automatic coop door! It was
so easy to install and it took my hens no time at all to get used to it. What a relief to not have to
worry about being home in time to lock up or open the coop!
Fantastic product, really impressed with the quality and design. Thank you for the solar option.
Just a spectacular set up!
Many thanks!

Tamar R., February 2015

I received my chicken door last week and we installed it on Saturday. I love it! So much better
than the old style cord door I had. Installed in no time and so easy to set. I was concerned if
the door would be heavy enough to protect against predators. No doubt that it will. Thanks
again, you have made my life (and my girls) so much easier . I would highly recommend it to
any chicken keeper.

Lisa H, November 2014

Love this made in the USA product! It was easy to install, and works reliably. I'm
recommending it to all my chicken-keeping friends.

Jocelyn, August 2014

We have had your super fantastic door since 2010. We have told many friends about it and this
year our neighbor decided to get chickens and bought one of your doors and got the light
sensor. How fantastic! In Southern Oregon the daylight changes significantly over the course of
the year and we have to reprogram every 4-6 weeks.

Suzy, June 2014

Hi There,
We are new to the chicken world and have 6 chicks that are two weeks old. My husband is
going to be building us a coop and your door was highly recommended by a friend as a must

Stephanie C, April 2014

Also, we bought this door last year for our larger coop and absolutely love it! We recommend it
to all our chicken keeping friends! Great work!

Jill F, March 2014

Hi there!!!
I just wanted to drop you a note to say that I am SO SO SO HAPPY WITH THIS DOOR!!!!!
I ordered a solar/battery door with the dawn/dusk sensor and It is FANTASTIC!!!
I have a fairly self sufficient coop with waterers and feeders that I built however this winter has
really been a doozie around here (Central OH) and having to go let the girls in and out every
morning/night in the subzero temps, was killing me.
I installed this a few months ago and seriously, this thing is AWESOME!!!! The hens got stuck
out the first night and once, one of my…ahem...chubbier…girls got her wing stuck before they'd
fully figured it out but since that day, everyone is in every night, safe and sound. Thank you SO
Awesome, awesome!!! This is the single best thing that I've gotten for the hens. Can't say
enough about it. Works easily, cheaply and very high quality.
Thanks again,

Jenn S, March 2014

Thank you so much for the quick reply, Mark. What fantastic customer service! 🙂

Jon D, June 2013

I just ordered a second door, this one for my chix tractor. You fellows engineered a great
product solution that I often recommend to my friends and neighbors. Well done!

Kenny, April 2013

Sounds great.
I really appreciate the great customer service!
I recommend your door to anyone and everyone that asks about them.
Thanks again!

Jake, May 2012

Now that I have the photocell installed, I love the door. Initially I was saying I preferred my other
(Foys) model, but I now am sold on the Pullet Shut door.
Thank you.

Duane S, February 2012

Thank you again! I’m thrilled with my Pullet-Shut Door. It worked perfectly right out of the box
and is doing its thing every morning and evening just like your website promises.
Hooking up the battery and trickle charger were simple, and the instructions answered every
single question I could think up, and I can think up questions. I’m using the photo sensor, and it
waits to tell the door to close until the old hens and ornery red rooster are on the roost, and my
little hen-pecked silkie rooster has sneaked inside for the night and nestled onto his very own,
private roost. The door opens around 7:00 a.m. giving all the feather bundles time to ease out
one by one, preventing any early morning hen house brawls.
The door fit right over my present door opening, which I left smaller than the Chicken Door
frame and door to discourage bigger predators, but I did do a pretty impressive (to me) job of
closing up the airspace like your engineer recommended.
I probably appreciate your door more than most folks because I tried a different style from
another designer prior to ordering my Pullet-Shut... I talked to the manufacturer and fiddled with
it for days, but I eventually gave up and sent it back.

Betty F., January 2012

I LOVE my chicken door and have recommended it to one of my flight students who has hens and she adores the door as well!

I had a suggestion/product idea... What about an automatic feeder that opens and closes according to a timer? It would help those of us who are dealing with mice getting into our suspended feeders. Do you already have something like this???

Just a thought! 🙂

Good Flights!

Cecil, November 2011