Our Story

Once upon a time two friends, Mark and Tony, decided that raising chickens so they could have eggs for breakfast every morning, would be a great idea. What’s not to love about having food locally sourced in your own backyard!

Mark’s background is manufacturing and mechanical. With his manufacturing company, Mark engineered and built products for companies such as IBM and 3M eventually earning a six-sigma quality rating from 3M. Tony’s background is also manufacturing, specific to electrical and computer engineering. He was a senior level engineer at IBM and then AMD. Together Mark and Tony have over 50 years of manufacturing/ mechanical and electrical/ computer engineering experience.

Unfortunately, starting out, Mark and Tony had zero chicken-raising experience. Soon, Mark and Tony realized, just as anyone who has ever kept chickens realizes, that it is easy to forget to close the coop at night. Often they would jump out of bed remembering to close their coops. And, if they remembered to close their coops, sometimes they would forget to open the coops in the morning.

Losing chickens left and right, Mark and Tony joked that they were paying about $5 per egg. Not to mention they became attached to their chickens. Something had to be done. An automatic chicken door sounded like a great idea! Researching the doors on the market, Mark soon realized that they all had issues: from lots of parts to put together, to flimsy materials, to design drawbacks and structural issues.

So, Mark set about to design and build a coop door that met his criteria: solid, structurally sound, compact, no assembly required, and aesthetically pleasing. Tony designed the “brains” of the door with a circuit that is simple to use, and yet has innovations such as the second chance, built-in voltmeter, and programming as well as photo sensor capabilities.

Now, Mark and Tony had an awesome beautiful automatic door. No longer did they have to worry about forgetting to close and open the coop. Even better, they could go on weekend outings and vacations and not have to ask someone to be there early in the morning to open their coops and come again at night to close their coops.

It turns out that friends and other people in the chicken community thought this was a great product, too. And so, on Mark’s ranch in Lockhart, Texas, the Pullet-Shut automatic chicken door was born. Since then thousands and thousands of our customers have joined us in not being slaves to our birds. We thank each and every customer. God Bless You!

Customer Service


Best customer support on the planet! We want our customers to experience amazing customer service. We want our customers to be treated the way we want to be treated. To that end, we try to personally answer each call and solve any issues that may come up or any questions you may have. Please feel free to call (512) 995-0058 or email us at sales@chickendoors.com.

We stand by our products. We have a one year warranty on the Pullet-Shut door, but even after the one year, we will help you troubleshoot your Pullet-Shut door. Any replacement parts you may need are in stock.

We ship via UPS on Mondays, Wednesday, and Fridays. Our products are all in stock. We are committed to delivering an excellent quality product at a fair price that is backed by timely and responsive service.