Photo Sensor

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  • $15.00

    Photo Sensor

    The photo sensor will automatically open the door (approx.) 90 degrees at dawn and close at dark every day. No need to set times and the sensor adjusts every day. Note that the sensor has 10 feet of wire so you can get it away from any street lights or motion sensor lights. With the photo sensor option you can also go back to the program mode. The sensor works fine in shade but it does need to be mounted outdoors. It can also be delayed on opening or closing times by 30, 60 or 90 minutes from dawn or dark.
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    Program Mode Only (No Sensor)

    In the program mode, you tell it when to open and close and how far to open, then it will do that every day. Note that with the program mode you would reset times as days get longer and shorter. You can always add a photo sensor in the future.