Chicken Coop Light Kit


This kit will allow you to have a light in your coop that you can turn on any time or use the built-in timer to give the hens extra hours of daylight to keep them laying into the fall. It includes a 3 watt high-efficient LED light and a controller.

Hens stop laying as days have less daylight. You can program the light to turn on an hour or more before dawn to get their internal clock started. You do not want to leave this going all winter because the hens will need a break, but you can get a month’s more laying eggs using this light. And it’s easy to turn on if you need to go into the coop after dark.

You have three choices for how to power the unit. If you have power at your coop, just get the plug-in adapter. If you get all-day light at your coop and only need at most an hour of light per day, then get the 5 watt solar panel. It includes a built-in voltage regulator to protect from overcharging the battery. If you get partial shade or want to add a few hours of light then get the 15 watt solar panel. It includes an external charge controller.

For either of the solar panel options, you will need to provide your own 12 volt battery. We recommend 10 – 20 amp-hour rating. We do not sell the battery due to shipping weight costs.