Coop-Ala Feeder


Are you tired of seeing chicken feed thrown everywhere and attracting mice?
This is your solution! This feeder holds about fifteen pounds of feed. When a chicken steps onto the step plate the lid will open. Three-four hens can eat at the same time, and the fifteen pound capacity will feed six hens for a full week.

Designed and built by engineers, there is nothing that compares to the elegance and function of this feeder. The ends are made from half inch marine-grade UV stabilized polyethelyne and the rest is galvanized sheet metal.

Two pounds of force will open the door and only one pound is needed to hold it open. The platter is spring-loaded, so if your child steps on it, the springs absorb the force and does not bend. And there are no exposed leverage arms to pinch a foot or get damaged. Every piece of these feeders are built right here in Texas. You will not find a better feeder than the Coop-Ala.

Dimensions and Details