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Small Left Pullet-Shut Door


Small Automatic Chicken Door

Fully assembled programmable door ready to install. This electric chicken door is smaller than our standard size, made for smaller coops.

Power source and Photo Sensor are optional. One year warranty on the doors.

We also offer a Right Automatic Door for Chicken Coops.

Products shipped every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Everything is in stock for fast shipping. Shipped from Lockhart, Texas. Texas customers are typically next day delivery, East/West coasts are typical 3-5 day delivery. Local customers are welcome to call and pick up their doors.

The most popular combination is the Automatic Chicken Door, a photo sensor, and the solar panel with battery options.

The door frame is constructed of 1.5” solid angle aluminum with a 9 3/8” wide by 10 1/2” opening. The moving joints are nickel-plated brass on aluminum with a bottom pivot. Overall size 12 1/8″ wide by 13 1/4″ tall plus 4 1/2″ for the control box on top.

When you are standing outside the coop looking at the door opening outward toward you, a “Left” door means you see the hinge on your left.

With the Photo sensor option you can still use program mode. If ordered with a door, it comes already attached to the door. It can be added later.

Three power combinations are available. The 3w Solar Panel with Battery or the Trickle Charger with Battery or just the Plug-in Adapter.

The 3 watt solar panel comes with a 12 volt 5 amp-hour rechargeable lead acid battery. The Solar Panel needs an average of 2 hours of direct sunlight per day to keep the battery charged (or 60 hours per month). The battery will run the small electric chicken door for about 4 weeks in really bad (sunless) weather.

The Trickle charger comes with the same 12v battery. It plugs into house current, your standard outlet. It is a smart charger, keeps the battery charged and should always stay plugged in. (new paragraph) Note: For wire lengths, the door has 8 feet of wire to connect to the battery. Starting at the battery, the standard solar panel wire is 10 feet. We can extend that to 25, 50, or 100 feet instead of 10. The Trickle Charger has 6 feet of wire to the outlet starting at the battery.

Note that the Plug-in Adapter does require the photo sensor.  The reason is that if you get a power outage, when power returns the electric chicken door will simply return to photo sensor mode.  Without it, the door will close and stay closed which can endanger your birds.

You will love the convenience of the Pullet-Shut electric chicken door!

Call (512) 995-0058 with any questions you have about this small automatic chicken door.

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