Predator Hand Trap


Get 2 for $25! Predators can be a repeat problem, even with good security. And they are very wary about traditional live traps. This trap is simple, small, discrete, and very effective. Squeeze the spring and secure the catch bar. Simply attach the short chain to something secure. Push the spike into the ground and put some premium cat food into it. When a raccoon or possum reaches in and pulls up the food, they’ll trigger the trap and their hand will be trapped. Note that this is not a catch-and-release trap, it will injure the hand and you cannot free an angry raccoon so you will need to dispatch the predator. Note that the small neck makes it nearly impossible for a cat to reach in there. The unit is galvanized to last years. Our spring is stronger than most competitors to make sure the predator will not slide out and get away. Do not try this on your finger, you will get hurt.