Door with Photo Sensor and 3w Solar Panel and Battery

Standard Pullet-Shut Chicken Door Solar/Battery/Photo Combination


Solar Powered Chicken Coop Door

Standard Pullet-Shut Chicken Door, 3w Solar Panel with Battery and Photo Sensor.

The door frame is constructed of 1.5” solid angle aluminum with an 11” wide by 15” opening. Overall chicken coop door size 14 3/8″ wide by 18 1/8″ tall plus 4 1/2″ for the control box on top.

When you are standing outside the coop looking at the door opening outward toward you, a “Left” door means you see the hinge on your left. A “Right” door means you see the hinge on your right.

This combination has everything you need to operate your solar powered chicken coop door.

Order today and experience the convenience of this auto chicken coop door! We carry have a variety of chicken door sizes to choose from.

We also offer an Automatic Turkey Door.