Why Choose the Pullet-Shut Automatic Chicken Door?


Door Materials
Moving Joints
Power input
Installation Height
Timer and Photo Sensor
Safety Features

Pullet-Shut Door

Structural anodized aluminum frame;
solid painted aluminum door panel;
nickel plated brass pivot pin; brass
motor connector; stainless steel
bolts, nuts and washers
Nickel plated brass w/ nylon
lubricated end thrust washer
12 volt rechargeable battery with
solar panel or trickle charger; built-in
Will fit any coop with a door space
over 18 inches; 3 sizes to fit your
Choice of programming mode or
optional photo sensor mode; photo
sensor mode is adjustable
Temperature compensating circuit
tested to -25 degrees; metal is not
Sealed magnetic sensor
Torque limited; the second chance;
battery status lights; automatic
multiple retries if obstructed


Wood; string; galvanized steel;
plated sheet metal; plated bolts,
nuts, and washers
Wood slides or galvanized slides on
galvanized sheet metal
120 volt or disposable batteries
Must have a coop with a door space
over 29 to 36 inches
No flexibility. Must choose either
timer or photo sensor.
Good luck in freezing temperatures!
Open push button or toggle switches
Battery dies – Oops! No multiple
retries; door either works or is stuck

Pullet-Shut Advantage

No warping, rotting, or binding
issues from rust wood pieces, or
broken string; will not rust or
corrode; frame is structural, it will not
Nickel will not corrode or flake; thrust
washer keeps moving part lubricated
– no metal on metal
No special wiring required; you will
be able to check your battery status
at any time; environmentally friendly
Most versatile door on the market –
will fit on nearly all coops
Flexibility – our door will perform in
any situation as your needs change
Peace of mind knowing that the
Pullet-Shut door offers dependable
The sealed magnetic sensor is
dependable in dusty and outdoor
environments; impossible for a
raccoon or similar predator to trip
Chickens will not be harmed; you will
be able to check your battery status
at any time