I have to tell you I am so GRATEFUL for your product.  I used to feel chained to the house to make sure the chickens got out in the morning and in at night.  It has operated flawlessly.

I no longer have to race home from eating out to close the coop!  I bought it nearly 4 years ago and it’s still working great.

There were only 2 times the door did not open in the morning.  One was because a raccoon had been climbing all over the coop and somehow pulled the wires out of the rechargeable battery.  The other time was because I got the “light sensor” tangled up under the tarp/roof so it couldn’t sense the light.  But both times, things were easily fixed.

It has made having chickens a real joy.  Just thought I’d tell you guys a huge thank you for designing and making this.

Deborah B Oct 2020,