Thank you! Thank you for making such a reliable door. I have a chicken coop and a Goose/Duck coop. I bought the Turkey door for my water fowl coop and I just can't appreciate it anymore then I do. I also have an aluminum door (not from you guys) on my chicken coop. It's one of the doors that slides and I sure wish I would have found you guys before I installed that unreliable thing.  I definitely plan on upgrading that door to one of yours.

I love the Turkey Door for its size, user friendly operating and its reliability.  The door was very easy to install and I appreciated the videos you had on your site for installation. It took me about 30 minutes (this is including the cut out) to install by myself.  The design is well thought out. This door opens outward compared to my other one that slides  so it doesn't get stuck on bedding that has gotten in the door frame.  The security of this door is also an upgrade compared to the thinner chicken coop door I bought on Amazon.

This was the only automatic door with a solar power option I could find out there large enough for my Geese babies. My geese love not having to bend down coming out of their coop. They send a big thank you as well!

Thank you for all the work you've put into making raising backyard fowl easier and a bit more secure.