Hello Mark, Tony, Mark's wife Elizabeth, Robert, JoBeth, Billy, Jack, Motorcycle Mark, and to anyone else working for your company that I may have missed;

Thank you for such an amazing product!!!!!!!!

I am a 37 year old woman (As of 2023), IT Professional/computer nerd, who until recently was not handy. Life being what it is, has forced me to learn a lot of lessons and skills I would not have thought I needed. I say that with patience, appreciation and wonder. All of that is to say, most people call me a princess. Not the type to be raising chickens and getting dirty in a garden.

I ordered my Small Right Pullet-Shut Door, Photo Sensor, and AC Power Adapter on Sunday, I received it last night (Thursday). Talk about quick order packing! You definitely have kept up with Amazon's shipping speed.

Right before UPS dropped off my new pullet door, my neighbor stopped over to drink a beer with me, and tell me about her day. While she was talking to me, the door arrived and I got busy multitasking and added the Pullet door to the chicken coop. I know we talk a lot (my email isn't a short one), and we took plenty of beer breaks, because it was quite hot for us here in Minnesota, but I started working on the door around 6:00 PM and by dark which is right around 8:00 PM I had the wooden wall cut out, door installed, chicken coop and run put back together, and happy (more importantly safe and protected) chickens.

The first thing I noticed about your door was how amazing the quality was. I hoped after paying for the pricier option (your door) vs. a cheap $75.00 option on Amazon it'd be worth it. The most influential factor that convinced me to purchase your door vs. the others, were the testimonials (on your website and others: Reddit blogs, backyardchickens.com, and Google searches) of the cold weather experience other people had with and without your door, and the lack of any cold weather testing in ANY other product. When I say cold weather I mean, sub-zero. I live in Minnesota, and our winters can be brutal. I will email you all in January or February when I've had a chance to test the door well in the cold winter weather, to provide an update of how it goes including the sub-zero temps it works in.

I installed the door so it opens into the coop. I figured this will protect it best from the elements, plus see the above note about being a princess and not that handy... I was afraid the way I have my coop and run set up, that the door would somehow not really line up or work well if I tried to have it open on the outdoor side to the run. The indoor installation appears to work flawlessly. The chickens apparently figured out the door, and were out in their run happily playing when I got up this morning, well after sunrise.

I can not thank you all enough for such a quality product, that gives me a piece of mind that my chickens are automatically let in and out of their coop, so I don't have to wake up at dawn (or feel guilty when I don't) or rush home at dark to get them inside.

When we move in a few short years, I plan to expand my flock, in addition to more animals. Your company will be at the top of the list for upgrades and additions.

I sincerely appreciate your hard work, craftsmanship, dedication to quality, and overall your people!

Thank you so much!!!