I hope you get a chuckle out of an email exchange this week.


Looking to buy another Turkey door.  I have had one from you guys for 5-6 years now and it has and still is performing flawlessly!  I am now building a different coop for a different flock.  I can not remember what the extra magnets are for and if I need to get them or not.

Our reply:

You only need 1 magnet (comes with the door), it is used to open/close the door at any time, or to program time-based settings for the door.  Extra magnets are useful for 2 types of people.  1) Forgetful, can’t remember where it is!  2) Grandparents (plenty strong, great for games with grandkids).  I qualify for #1.  Not sure if either is necessary for you…

Customer's response:

HA, greatest customer service response ever.  I qualify as neither of the 2 options.  Just placed my order for my second turkey door.  Love yall's product and tell folks when I am able about you guys.