Thank you again! I’m thrilled with my Pullet-Shut Door. It worked perfectly right out of the box
and is doing its thing every morning and evening just like your website promises.
Hooking up the battery and trickle charger were simple, and the instructions answered every
single question I could think up, and I can think up questions. I’m using the photo sensor, and it
waits to tell the door to close until the old hens and ornery red rooster are on the roost, and my
little hen-pecked silkie rooster has sneaked inside for the night and nestled onto his very own,
private roost. The door opens around 7:00 a.m. giving all the feather bundles time to ease out
one by one, preventing any early morning hen house brawls.
The door fit right over my present door opening, which I left smaller than the Chicken Door
frame and door to discourage bigger predators, but I did do a pretty impressive (to me) job of
closing up the airspace like your engineer recommended.
I probably appreciate your door more than most folks because I tried a different style from
another designer prior to ordering my Pullet-Shut... I talked to the manufacturer and fiddled with
it for days, but I eventually gave up and sent it back.

Betty F.,