I purchased my Standard Pullet Door with solar panel and photo sensor chicken door back in 2017. I live in Rhode Island, close to the ocean and to say we have crazy weather here is an understatement. This door itself is heavy gauge aluminum. Six years later not a spec of rust on it. Certainly not cheap plastic of many competitors. Every part on the door is quality, stainless steel hinge pins and all. It provides us a lot of comfort knowing that nothing will be able to get through it and access the coop. It has never failed us. It has survived heat over 95 degrees, cold 5 degrees below zero and salt from the ocean nearby. The most impressive fact about this company is 6 years later I called for support  and Mark, one of the owners, answered the phone personally, was as nice as someone could be and walked me through my issue which was likely the $15 photo sensor. I cannot thank you enough for everything and thank you for having the best chicken door on the market.

Kindest Regards,

Lisa T

(note, the hinge is nickel plated brass, but it looks like stainless steel)