Hi there!!!
I just wanted to drop you a note to say that I am SO SO SO HAPPY WITH THIS DOOR!!!!!
I ordered a solar/battery door with the dawn/dusk sensor and It is FANTASTIC!!!
I have a fairly self sufficient coop with waterers and feeders that I built however this winter has
really been a doozie around here (Central OH) and having to go let the girls in and out every
morning/night in the subzero temps, was killing me.
I installed this a few months ago and seriously, this thing is AWESOME!!!! The hens got stuck
out the first night and once, one of my…ahem...chubbier…girls got her wing stuck before they'd
fully figured it out but since that day, everyone is in every night, safe and sound. Thank you SO
Awesome, awesome!!! This is the single best thing that I've gotten for the hens. Can't say
enough about it. Works easily, cheaply and very high quality.
Thanks again,

Jenn S,