(entertaining series from a customer)

Before the coop, we kept 4 chickens in a dog box… every night I would bring the chickens box into the porch to keep them safe, next morning I would take them back into a makeshift yard but watching all day for hawks as there was no roof.

(Dec 24, 2020)

Finished the coop and maximum security yard.  Received 4 black giant hens from a neighbor for $60, also received a guinea bird for free (not really, I gave Jerry a case of Bush Beer).

Placed the 4 Novogen and 4 black giant hens in the yard.  Christmas Eve they proudly entered the coop via the Nopec Way.  We drank champagne and anxiously waited for the Pullet-Shut to… well close, open then close again for the night… Hurraaaayeeeee!!  It worked!!!  But… will it open the next morning?

(Christmas Day)

Nearly froze… waiting for the Nopec Way to prove worthy of $215… by letting the chickens out as promised… at dawn… Aha!  There it goes!!!  It works… all right!!!

Let’s celebrate… so we drank more slivovitz to keep warm… it was 31 degrees Fahrenheit… then killed the guinea bird, skinned it… Susan cooked the guinea for Christmas Dinner.  We drank wine and champagne in honor for Mark and Tony who had made it possible to regain our freedom from chicken drudgery… Thank you for helping us!