Choosing the right Flock for your Climate

It is important that you pay close attention to the types of chicken breeds that you will have for your flock. Colder areas should have breeds that will have thicker feathers and multilayers. However, even these breeds can succumb to freezing temperatures. Areas with temperatures that frequently get below freezing should have coops that will give some protection. No matter the design of the coop it is very important for all coop to have an air flow of fresh outside air. The colder the climate the bigger the challenge to balance a coop with proper air flow and protection to your flock.

The same is true except in reverse for warm to hot climates. You will want to choose birds with thinner feathers with a single layer. You should design your coop with extra air flow to keep your flock cool in the hot months.

No matter the type of chicken breed you must choose healthy birds that will thrive in your climate. While dogs regulate their temperature through panting and humans through sweat, Chickens will regulate their temperature through their combs and wattles. So, pay attention to the health of their comb and wattles. A damaged comb could be the death of your bird in the wrong climate.

Here are a few breeds with thick feathers and multiple layers of feathers:

Silkie                                                                   Wyandotte

Dorking                                                                Buckeye

Australorp                                                           Dominique

Rhode Island Red                                               Welsummer

Cochin                                                                 Plymouth Rock


Here are a few with thinner feathers and less layers of feathers:

Leghorn                                                            New Hampshire

Delaware                                                          Isa Brown

Austra White                                                   Sumatras

Barred Rock                                                     Brahma


And for our Star Wars fans, "May the Flock be with you!"

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