Greetings!  We have decided to do a monthly blog.  We regularly get questions from customers and thought this would be a good place to cover many topics.  Some are seasonal questions, some are new chicken owner questions, some are health concerns, and some even are related to our products!  So each week we will cover a topic that we’ve been asked by a customer that week.  We promise to keep them short and that you benefit from these.  Stay safe and be blessed.

So, without adieu, let us jump into heating your coop.  One word: DON’T!  Unless you’re in -20F weather, your hens will be just fine.  Make sure that their roosts are not in a draft, but you don’t want a sealed-up coop as it’ll cause other health issues.  Remember the hens have a down jacket.  And the greater danger is a fire.  Any flame is an awful risk, and even a heat lamp will get dust/feathers which will spark a fire.  So, just let them hunker down.  I suppose you could knit them a wool coat, but wouldn’t that just look silly?  Want to read more, see https://backyardpoultry.iamcountryside.com/coops/how-cold-is-too-cold-for-chickens/

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